Studio Founders?

UE Studio was founded by a group of brothers, Demar Swack, Alonso Braithwaite and Djarni Braithwaite. Originally the Studio name was going to be D.A.D’s Entertainment (Demar, Alonso and Djarni’s Entertainment), as the years went by this changed as the brother got separated and everyone pursued different paths. Until in 2012 Demar and Djarni got back together and decided to form over the same company but this time calling Ultimate Eclipse Studios. Alonso is still much interested in being apart of the company and might rejoin in the future but for now, he is still following his own path. 

Founder list:

Djarni Braithwaite – Story Writer, Novice Screen Writer, Learning Game designer

Demar Swack – Experienced Programmer, intermediate Animator and Modeler


What is UE Studio?

We are an entertainment company which focuses on Video Game, Animation (Anime Show and Movies) and Comic/Manga Development and Production.


What Does UE Studio stand for?

UE Studio is an abbreviation for Ultimate Eclipse Studio (UE Studio for Short). UE Studio will be the brand name which will represent the company.


What Does Ultimate Eclipse Studio mean?

An “Eclipse” symbolizes a cosmic shift within the universe, it is a harbinger of change which ushers in a form of evolution of some sort. As for the word “Ultimate” it basically means the best of its kind.

Hence this brings us to “Ultimate Eclipse Studio” a company which inspires to create a great shift or change resulting in the best evolution of Entertainment.


About UE Studio

UE Studio is a startup company with a high aspiration of creating Video Games playable across all platform of the gaming median, creating TV Anime Shows and Animation movies, also making Comic/Manga Books. UE Studio is the parent company for all works we plan on rolling out over the coming years, to control the quality of our content we will be rolling out smaller sub Studios which will be dedicated to the individual section.

What Are these Studios?

UE Comics

UE Comics is the Comic/Manga focused division within the company. It is responsible for handling all Comic/Manga ventures the company embarks on, this includes Merch Design, Series conception, Series production also digital and physical book distributions.


UE Animation (Sketch-Tro Illusions)

Sketch-Tro Illusions is the Anime/Animation focused division within the company. The studio will handle taking some of UE Comic’s works and adapting them into anime shows or movies while also creating its own independent shows and movies. The studio will also produce CGI animation for the Gaming studio.


UE Gaming Studio (Its Unique Name is a Work in Progress)

UE Gaming Studio is the Video Game Development division within the company.


The Company Motto is “Making a Dream Reality